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Help South Australians make healthy changes for their future

We empower adults to make informed decisions through practical education, goal setting, and ongoing support.

Program overview

The Better Health Coaching Service provides one-on-one free health coaching to help eligible South Australians to eat well, be active, and reduce the risk of chronic disease. 

Designed by the Better Health Company’s team of qualified health professionals the confidential coaching service offers participants practical skills and knowledge that lead to sustained change, over 10 coaching calls. These changes can include: 

  • a reduction in BMI,  
  • an increase in physical activity levels,  
  • increased consumption of a healthier diet, 
  • reduction in alcohol consumption and 
  • improved wellbeing. 

The Better Health Coaches are all qualified health professionals whose backgrounds include dietetics, exercise physiology and psychology. 

The Better Health Coaching Service is currently available to South Australians: 

  • aged 18 to 74 years,  
  • with a BMI of 27 or above, and  
  • are seeking support to build and maintain healthy lifestyle habits. 

Referrals and registrations can be made between 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Phone-based appointments are available between 8am and 8pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). 

Our coaching approach

The evidence-based Better Health Coaching Service has been developed and is delivered by Better Health Company’s team of qualified health professionals. All content and recommendations are aligned with current Australian Government guidelines for healthy eating and physical activity. 

Why refer to Better Health Coaching Service?

Referring your patients to the Better Health Coaching Service has many benefits, including: 

  • Reducing the risk of chronic disease  
  • Complementing a patient’s care plan from their GP or health professional  
  • Utilising behavior change techniques such as Motivational Interviewing to provide frequent, personalised, and tailored support  
  • Providing evidence-based practical resources  
  • Supplying GPs and health professionals with regular updates on their patient’s progress.  

We help participants to learn from home, or anywhere that suits them!

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